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Phics & Graphics, graphic design studio devoted to branding. We believe in our clients and in their business, that’s why we know that the brand should represent what it really is and its own essence.

All of our services are branding targeted, in order to create or strengthen a brand giving it a stronger impact. Whether creating brand identity, web pages or any graphic element, it is crucial to be coherent with your own brand.


A brand is often the link between company / institution and customers. So the brand defines the communication characteristics and style.

Branding is one of the fundamental instruments to increase your competitive power. It must ensure your brand to be innovative and different from the competitors. For this reason, and many more, Phics & Graphics' aim is to give customers a brand that allows them to achieve their purposes.

Brand auditory

We examine the current situation of the brand, to identify its problems and objectives.


Creating the company name is the first step to obtain brand communication.

Brand identity

We dress your brand, we create an image that represents it (logotype) and a appropriate verbal identity.

Brand Architecture

We organize the different brands in a large company, so that customers can better understand who you are and what you represent.

Web design

Web pages do not only need a technical design. Graphics, web usability, user experience, architecture information, etc ... are just some of the basic tools for creating it. Phics & Graphics always start from the brand, especially if it is related to a web page, which is one of the fundamental points of contact with customers nowadays.

Our work starts from analysing the purposes and organizing the data, in order to accomplish its goals. Moreover we study users' experience, which is crucial to create web attractions, so that customers can feel comfortable in visiting the website finding everything they are looking for.

Can a web be more than that? Sure! It can be much more. Your web page can be an e-commerce; it can turn into a point of reference and information about your company; it can also become a portal where managing every aspect of your business, wherever you are.

User experience

We structure all our web pages with the aim of making a positive and satisfying experience for the users, making the research easier.

Architecture information

We organize the data to be published and, starting from them, we prepare the appropriate structure to develop the project.

Graphic design

Yes, "an image is worth a thousand words." Why not to communicate this way in our company? Words, obviously, are necessary to choose the slogan of a campaign or the name for a product, however, visual communication is the combination of everything, where text, style and images coexist in perfect harmony, to create a complete and appealing message.

At Phics & Graphics we deal with graphics of any kind (such as flyers, catalogues, posters ...) in a perspective focussed on branding. So that whatever comes into the hands of your customers is always coherent with your brand.